recent projects

things are always changing in the woodshop as every project creates new avenues for creative exploration

the speaker

The spring of 2020 found a lot of people sitting around their houses staring at their surroundings, day after day, wondering when were going to get back to normal life.  As for me, I was staring at my clunky home theater speakers wondering why style was such an allusive, or at best, misrepresented property in home audio.  This raised the question, can I reimagine my current speakers without sacrificing audio quality?

the coffee table conundrum

The idea was never to build a new table, just to breathe new life into one that I had built over twenty years prior.  I intended to only change one decorative element on the table,  but every step forward left me with a “but now what am I going to do about that” until it only made sense to leave it behind altogether.